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and the plot thickens....


*So at my work they encourage us to make recommendations, and I have come to the conclusion that I am terrible at recommendations. For example:

Me: Would you like to purchase some popcorn of a cold drink to go along with your rental?
Them: No thanks.
Me: *looks at movie which is The Hulk, and rather than recommending another comic to screen movie somehow gets mind stuck on Jennifer Connely movies* You know, if you like this movie you may want to try renting Requiem For A Dream. *Realizes what she has just recommended and quickly tries to finish ringing them up*
Them: *gives me a funny look*
(Obviously they have seen or know of this movie)
Me: Thank you! Have a good day...*turns bright red*

*Price checks on porn magazines are always awkward.

*I have a new found hate for people who drop their movies in the quick drop box in the parking's a bitch to lock and unlock. It almost made me cry it was so frustrating.

*And I swear to God, if any of you ever come in wanting for rent 9 volumes of Friends, and then get pissed when you were an asshole in the first place and hadn't returned your movies before, and as a result are on rental probation which means you can only rent 5, but you STILL make my life a living hell and hold up my line I will kill you in your sleep. I swear I will.
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