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optimistic, ho!

So I promise that occassionally I do update with something worthwhile.

For those that don't know, I got another job. It's in Southlake so it's a bit of a drive, however, I'll be making much more money, so it'll all balance out. Excuse me while I do the math.

7.50 an hour multiplied by 40 hours a week will give me 300 dollars a week, which will give me 1200 dollars a month, minus the bullshit I should get around 1000 dollars a month. Take out rent, which is 359 a month, and that leaves me with 641 dollars. Now take out the gas money which will be about 200 dollars a month with the commute, so then I have 441 dollars. Minus bills, and now I'm at 341 a month. Groceries will leave me with about 250, and after cigarettes I'll have about 220, and if I end up having to pay for insurance and cell phone I will have a good 150 a month to kill. That is just about what I make on each pay check I receive from Hastings.

So yeah, I can live off of that. Totally without a doubt. Goodness gracious me, things are looking up.

I've been spending a lot of time with Emily, lately. It's been nice. We fit each other very well, always have, and always will I suppose. It's strange to think someone who it was so hard to see for three years can automatically come back into my life at such a full force. We're still close as ever, I can still tell her whatever, and we still have the same fun times that we used to without all the shit added in. I can safely say I love that girl more than air. Where would I be without her? Prolly still lost and confused as all fuck.

I'm enjoying life. At the moment, I'm certainly enjoying life at the Ludlow's. Eager to keep to my word and get out on my own, but at the same time enjoying the support and company. I would have to say that they've been more of a family to me than my real one ever was. At least I've still got my mamaw and papaw. They're wonderful. Would anyone like to get away from Denton for the night not this Saturday, but the next, and come and meet them? They're crazy fun, a little fanatical and Baptist, but wonderful, amazing, and lovely all the same. Plus my mamaw is a damn fine cook.

However, Ritchie is distracting me now. So I have to go. He has to suck my cock.
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