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04:35pm 26/10/2005
mood: working
New journal.


Expect this one to shut down within the next week or so. Add the new one, please.

P.S.- My job is way cooler than yours. I'm typing this at work.
03:27am 07/10/2005
  I may be leaving for a couple of months...

like out of state leaving.

An interesting and kick ass oppurtunity was mentioned to me by my lovely friends emily and neil...and I very well may take them up on it.
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09:24pm 05/10/2005
  What do you do when you've got no where else to go?

I can't sleep anymore, things are getting bad, I feel super alone, and I just want to go away.

Sorry for the emo.
optimistic, ho!   
12:16am 28/09/2005
mood: getting my cock sucked.
So I promise that occassionally I do update with something worthwhile.

For those that don't know, I got another job. It's in Southlake so it's a bit of a drive, however, I'll be making much more money, so it'll all balance out. Excuse me while I do the math.

7.50 an hour multiplied by 40 hours a week will give me 300 dollars a week, which will give me 1200 dollars a month, minus the bullshit I should get around 1000 dollars a month. Take out rent, which is 359 a month, and that leaves me with 641 dollars. Now take out the gas money which will be about 200 dollars a month with the commute, so then I have 441 dollars. Minus bills, and now I'm at 341 a month. Groceries will leave me with about 250, and after cigarettes I'll have about 220, and if I end up having to pay for insurance and cell phone I will have a good 150 a month to kill. That is just about what I make on each pay check I receive from Hastings.

So yeah, I can live off of that. Totally without a doubt. Goodness gracious me, things are looking up.

I've been spending a lot of time with Emily, lately. It's been nice. We fit each other very well, always have, and always will I suppose. It's strange to think someone who it was so hard to see for three years can automatically come back into my life at such a full force. We're still close as ever, I can still tell her whatever, and we still have the same fun times that we used to without all the shit added in. I can safely say I love that girl more than air. Where would I be without her? Prolly still lost and confused as all fuck.

I'm enjoying life. At the moment, I'm certainly enjoying life at the Ludlow's. Eager to keep to my word and get out on my own, but at the same time enjoying the support and company. I would have to say that they've been more of a family to me than my real one ever was. At least I've still got my mamaw and papaw. They're wonderful. Would anyone like to get away from Denton for the night not this Saturday, but the next, and come and meet them? They're crazy fun, a little fanatical and Baptist, but wonderful, amazing, and lovely all the same. Plus my mamaw is a damn fine cook.

However, Ritchie is distracting me now. So I have to go. He has to suck my cock.
11:12pm 25/09/2005
  I've been way too social lately.

This weekend I saw the following people:

*Various Cooperians
*Jo..yeah, I live with her, but we went out and stuff so it's a bit different
*Ritchie...same as Jo situation

and met three new people..if I haven't seen you...why not?
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09:31pm 22/09/2005
  Apparantly the other night I got so drunk that my pajamas have a hole in the thigh, I have carpet burn on my stomach, I gulped wine down faster than Ritchie could put the cork on the bottle, and I called Daniel.

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08:26pm 20/09/2005
  ima fucking go fucking donate fucking plasma, man....fuck.

cause i need the cash.

oh god do i need the cash.
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01:01am 19/09/2005
mood: lonely
I got a lot to say...

...just no one to say it to.
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04:44pm 17/09/2005
  Kingsly is missing...  
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03:30pm 13/09/2005
  shit mood today.  
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04:39am 11/09/2005
mood: sleepy
Charlie is good to me.

Free pancakes and coffee....

Since I found Ritch and Trey to hang out with tonight, and since I have work Monday morning at 8am which means no going to pick up Annie for a few hours of fun...(sorry Annie, sometimes I like my job)...I demand company Sunday night from around 8pm to midnight. Cause after that this kid has got to sleep.

My cat is way cooler than yours,

04:17pm 10/09/2005
mood: playful
Anyone feel like hanging out tonight?

I've got work til 1am, but I am so up for picking someone up for playtime.


If you decide to call and it's after 7:30...I'll be at work, leave a message, and I will most certainly call back.
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oh and eat that...   
03:20am 10/09/2005

Does anyone else notice how tired I look in all my pictures these days?
03:08am 10/09/2005
  So no Race Trac job for me. Apparantly, I'm prone to getting shot. Go figure.

Back to square 1. I'm scared of things not moving as quickly as I want them to.

I know I should ask for help, but I can't, and I won't.

I just have to follow through.
04:54pm 07/09/2005
  It's interesting.

Stressful, yet getting better. I love my friends. and I have a new hole in my face.
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11:51am 26/08/2005
mood: ...
My birthday was Wednesday.

I felt like everyone forgot about me, and for the most part, I guess you could say I was right.

I guess my party Saturday is cancelled.
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"They say it's your birthday..."   
05:43pm 19/08/2005
  My house.
Next Saturday.
We'll discuss times.
Let me know if you plan on attending.
I'm expecting maybe 3 people.
Suprise me.
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02:52pm 17/08/2005
mood: aggravated
I officially hate people.

If I wasn't so determained to make money, I would totally quit.

Good thing Friday night is going to totally be a Meagan&Zak&Bea night. And a Ricky might even tag along.

Can anyone say: AquabatsFearAndLoathingInLasVegasBowlingIHOPandCharlieTimeBackToZaksForGameCube?
01:45pm 16/08/2005
mood: work from 6-midnight
and the plot thickens....


*So at my work they encourage us to make recommendations, and I have come to the conclusion that I am terrible at recommendations. For example:

Me: Would you like to purchase some popcorn of a cold drink to go along with your rental?
Them: No thanks.
Me: *looks at movie which is The Hulk, and rather than recommending another comic to screen movie somehow gets mind stuck on Jennifer Connely movies* You know, if you like this movie you may want to try renting Requiem For A Dream. *Realizes what she has just recommended and quickly tries to finish ringing them up*
Them: *gives me a funny look*
(Obviously they have seen or know of this movie)
Me: Thank you! Have a good day...*turns bright red*

*Price checks on porn magazines are always awkward.

*I have a new found hate for people who drop their movies in the quick drop box in the parking lot...it's a bitch to lock and unlock. It almost made me cry it was so frustrating.

*And I swear to God, if any of you ever come in wanting for rent 9 volumes of Friends, and then get pissed when you were an asshole in the first place and hadn't returned your movies before, and as a result are on rental probation which means you can only rent 5, but you STILL make my life a living hell and hold up my line I will kill you in your sleep. I swear I will.
Welcome to Hastings   
07:47am 14/08/2005
mood: working
I demand you all come up to Hastings between 9 and 2, and tell me what a dashing employee I make.

Also, my parents suck ass for over sleeping, and once again letting me down.

No Panara for me this morning.